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Whether you’re seeking a new career direction, or stepping into the professional world for the first time, I can help. I coach and counsel student and professional clients by identifying key strengths and accomplishments while assessing your personality type and career interests. This job market is the most unique in American history, your ability to navigate it more successfully than your competition could be life-changing.


Formula to Success

What's your plan? How are you branding yourself in the market? Where do employers look for talent? We’ll review your  motivations and goals, and also look at the process of finding a job.. We can also conduct mock interview sessions conducted by professional recruiters - bad interview skills cost people opportunities every day. We'll make sure you're making the right impression.


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I have over 25 years in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition (TA). Recognized as a thought leader in the TA community, I have coached and counseled hundreds of individuals looking for a change in their career trajectory, and I'm certain I can help you do the same. Learn more about my HR background at HR Hardball, Fistful of Talent, or on the HR Exchange Network.


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